We Welcome you to the era of education.
We appraise your interest in building a secure and successful career in the field of education, which is considered as the basic need of every society and nation. Education is useful and necessary for all because education is the manifestation of the perfection already in man. We can indeed be acclaimed as guiding light for your future success. We can assure to keep the students acquaint with the changing global environment and needs, as all required state of the art infrastructure will be at your service.
             To proclaim its commitment for quality education we assure the mast competents and best available faculty and significant job after your successful completion of the course.
No. and date of Recognition Order of NCTE:-F.NRC/NCTE/F-7/RJ-434/4234-4243
Name Of Course : B.Ed.
Type Of Institution : Girls
In Take : 100 seats
Academic Year : 2006-2007